The I Ching, or ancient Chinese Oracle of Change, is second only to the Bible as the most widely read and interpreted book in the world. As a wisdom tradition and divinatory practice, it offers living images that nourish psyche and spirit, allowing us to participate in the ongoing process of change through which all new things come into being and take the course of their lives.

Welcome to I Ching: Mothering Change, a free online divination program developed especially for In the Family Way in collaboration with Stephen Karcher, Ph.D, leading I Ching scholar and diviner. Click here to begin using it.

Mothering Change is a way of consulting the I Ching that draws you into conversation with the timeless voices of Mother and Father in order to embrace family transitions as sacred rites of passage. It offers a practical resource for cultivating creativity and compassion during times of change, connecting us with the ongoing process of the real, or the Dao, in family life. In a world weary of approaching change through heroic striving, Mothering Change expands our capacity to nurture the mutual process of becoming in ourselves, our families, and in the family of the earth that holds us all.

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