29 Ghost River/Navigator XI KAN


Repeating the Pit. Danger.
There is a connection to the spirits that will carry you through.
Hold your heart fast! Success. Making a move brings honor.

Listen to what is hidden. Face the challenge yourself. Do not try to take the lead. Beware of impulsiveness, lack of planning and mistrust. Be committed. The natural skill is there. Believe in it.

The Image
The old character shows the Tree on the Earth Altar and a person kneeling beside it to offer sacrifice, surrounded by the rising vapors of the Ghost River beneath.

Circle of Meanings
A critical time or test; a dangerous place, a hole, cavity, hollow, snare, trap, grave; midnight, winter, black rushing water; confront your fear, face the danger, collect your forces, take the plunge; practice, repeat, rehearse. Containing your fear and impulse now gives you the ability to manage the flow and flux of life. Heart Theme: 27 the Tiger’s Mouth.

Spirit Helpers
Ghost River doubled. Middle Son, the Navigator, dissolves structures and controls the flow. Collect your forces and take the risk. Conquer your fear. Accustom yourself to danger. This is a critical point that could trap you, so hold your heart fast. Summon your energy and concentration and confront the challenge. Act this way with confidence. Making a move now will bring you honor and reward. You have a strong center and a connection to the spirits that will help you through. Heaven uses danger to prevent ascending. Earth has its mountains and rivers. Kings use danger to defend their cities. A danger confronted is an accomplishment and a defense. Now is the time to concentrate and take the risk.

Voice of the Mothers
Face the challenge again and again. Hold your heart fast and take the risk. Let the past dissolve. Containing your fear and impulse now gives you the ability to manage the flow and flux of life. This is a time of great realizing power (2). Do not hide your light (36).

Kan, Ghost River, is the sacrificial pit at the Earth Altar and the underworld waters that flow beneath it that connect the Sun Tree and the Moon Tree, the axis of the world, and open the Gate of Destinies through which souls enter the world. It alludes to religious rites where the victims were drowned and buried and the Moon Goddesses who sponsored the earliest form of the reading the Changes. Its symbols are rushing water, holes, pits and snares, tombs and graves, prisons and the Yellow Springs, the deep center where the dead live. It evokes the north, midnight, winter and cold dark waters. It represents a critical moment that requires courage and determination in face of the great fear engendered by the presence of the ghost world, a time to confront and dissolve obstacles, venture, fall and move on. It is part of the central Fire-Water Axis of Change, the Burning Water or prima materia. As the Ghost Dancer, this figure leads through danger, dances with ghosts, risks all and always comes through. He exults in work and dissolves all things, a black pig and hidden riches. In the body, Pit works through the Kidneys, conserving life and pushing the organism to actualize potential. This is the site of the essence (jing) or individual fate; the power of the Ghost Dancer transforms this essence into available energy, controlling the flow of emotions, particularly courage and fear.

Winter (29): Find the seed of the new by facing challenges. Responding the old way won’t help you. Don’t be impulsive.  Learn the lessons of the past and do what you have to do.
Spring (60): Rouse new growth by articulating the new time. Don’t be harsh. Discard your old identity. Be modest and do what has to be done.
Summer (61): Ripen the fruits by connecting your inner and outer goals. Don’t take on other people’s problems. Focus on what you need. The connections you make now will bring rewards.
Fall (59): Harvest the crop by shedding your old identity. Get rid of causes for conflict. Be open and do what must be done.

Voice of the Fathers
This is an Inspiring Figure and an Engine of Change that recharges experience with meaning and energy. It acts as a transition from initiation and the search for an image of the deeper Self to the stage of the Symbolic Life when we struggle to found an individual dwelling, family and career.

The Situation: A dangerous and fertile challenge to the group.

Caring for Others: Get involved. Be confident and original. Self-mastery now will bring order to your environment. Create a clear plan. Complete anything now underway. Do not hesitate. Get used to working in difficult, even hostile, situations. Identify specialists and let them help. Help others to work independently and concentrate on coordination.

Setting Intentions: Anything that happens now can be favorable if you do what you know to be morally right. Motivate and trust people. Bring your inner energies into harmony and the rest will take care of itself.

Communication and Interaction: Be imaginative, original and have confidence. Develop an atmosphere of trust. Interdependence is critically important on all levels. Do not misread others. Leave room for creative innovation.

Change from the Inside Out: Check all elements carefully before committing yourself to new initiatives. Be adaptable. Leave presentation and persuasion to others. Take risks and be creative – inspired improvisation could lead to immense wellbeing. Seek support and prove you can finish what you start. Handle negotiations and agreements personally and with great integrity.

  • Immediate Futurean unending series of challenges
  • Personal Development: summon your courage and take the risk.
  • Working within the Family:enter the stream of memories and face the challenge.
  • Expanding the Circle: plan overall and trust who you work with.
  • Partnership: what you share is in danger. Stay true to your heart.

Pairing: Bringing Change to Life
Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization. You are in the Inspiring phase of this Pair.

The Pair 29:30 Ghost River and Radiance is an Engine of Change that develops the courage to accept all challenges and the clarity to be of help to others.

Outer to Inner: the process transforms the Navigator trigram in the outer world of 29 into the Visionary trigram in the inner world of 30. This turns your need to manage the flow of life into accepting inner guidance.

Inner to Outer: this interiorisation transforms the Navigator trigram in the inner world of 29 to the Visionarytrigram in the outer world of 30. This turns inner containment of fear and impulse into the ability to find real directions in life for all.

Transforming Lines

Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy. Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line.

Inner World

Step 1 Beginnings: This return of the spirit attracts a new fate.
Repeating the Pit.  Entering the pitfall.
Trap! The Way closes.
By responding in the same way again and again you fall into depression and melancholy. Do not get caught here. Do not leave your inner place. If you make a move now your journey will end in fragments. The omens are good for beginnings, so plan a new start. Take things in. Be open and provide what is needed. (60 Articulating)

Step 2 Inner Center: This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others.
A Pit with sheer sides.
Seek and acquire through the Small.
As you venture into danger you will get what you need by being flexible and adaptable. Have modest goals. Keep your sense of purpose. Do not impose your will. Your connection puts you at the center of this group. Adapt to what confronts you. Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Use an inspiring idea to carry your desires. Energy and power will surge up from below. Strip away your old ideas. (8 Grouping)

Step 3 Threshold: This inner re-balancing lets you make your way in life.
They come into the Pit again and again.
Steep and deep, the victims are drowning.
Do not get trapped in this pitfall!
Relax and pull back. If you simply push on you will be trapped. The source of common values is disturbed and turbid. You feel the sorrow of someone who is connected to the sources of life but has no one with whom to share. As you bite through the obstacles to union you will encounter something poisonous. Bring it out or you will end up lamenting. Let yourself be led and you can realize the hidden potential. Co-operate with the on-going process of change. (48 The Well)

Outer World

Step 4 Arrival: This inner preparation leads to what is greater.
Set out wine in a flask and two sacrificial bowls. Use the earthen vessels.
Let in the bonds that come through the window.
Complete this! It is not a mistake.
You are trapped but do not fight the situation. Your rescuers are coming. You are right on the border, the place where events emerge. Though you are confined by a host of oppressive duties they will slowly loosen. Concentrate on your real ideals. The people approaching you are not outlaws. Attribute great wisdom to the connection. You will find supportive friends. Gather energy for a decisive new move. (47 Confining/Oppression)

Step 5 Outer Center: This inner re-grouping lets your real purpose shine.
The Pit is not full.  The Earth Spirit is already appeased. This is not a mistake.
The difficult time is over. Be happy with your release. The decisive encounter approaches and you are assured of victory. Get rid of old ideas and bad memories. Enter the battle and seize the enemy. People are coming together now after a time of loneliness and separation. Great Leaders meet to mutualize their power for the good of all. Let your tears flow like rivers for this will release you from the past. Something important is returning. (7 Legions)

Step 6 Culmination: This inner stripping leads to a breakthrough.
Tied with stranded ropes, sent away to the dense thorn hedges.
For three years you will see nothing. Trap! The Way closes.
If you go on as you are you will be bound, judged and imprisoned. Change now! Disperse the bad blood or your melancholy and pain will trap you. Eliminate the negativity and there will be excellent results. Be open and provide what is needed. (59 Dispersing)