14 Great Being DA YOU


Great Being, Great Possessions.
The Source of Success.

Concentrate on one inspiring goal and share your success. Get rid of negative feelings and release the new energy. Beware of abusing your advantageous position; greed, secrecy, selfishness. Make productive use of this extraordinary time.

The Image
The old characters show the Great Person and a hand holding the moon, master of the changes.

Circle of Meanings
A great idea, a great leader, a great person, great power to realize; great results, great achievements; an inner concentration of the will around a central idea that brings wealth and abundance.  Heart Theme: 43 Decide and part from the past.



Spirit Helpers
Fire above Heaven. Middle Daughter and Father, the Visionary and the Creator, are spreading awareness of great inner ideas. Be noble and magnanimous. Impose a direction on things. This can be a source of wealth and excellence. This is a time when you can acquire great abundance and influence through the development of a central plan or inspiring idea. Make a great offering and share with others. By concentrating your inner force you can spread brightness and warmth. Be decisive. Gather the crowds around you. Firmly check hatred and negative emotions. Yield to the powerful spirit of the time and let go of personal restrictions. Brighten the inherent beauty of things. This will connect you to heaven above and let you know the right moment to act.

Voice of the Mothers
Focus your will on a great central idea. Let your spirit shine on all. Concentrate your energies and share the fruits of your efforts. Inner perseverance now brings you the ability to find real directions in life. Retire from mundane activities and thoughts (33). Do not focus on stirring things up (51).

The union of the people results in the emergence of a significant power, a Great Being that brings Great Possessions, literal and spiritual. Great Being shows a great sacrifice and the bright presence that comes from it. As an omen it would say: Good Moon! Beneficial Changes! It describes the Great Beings filled with spirit and ancient virtue and the abundance, prosperity and protection that flow from them, symbolized by the Moon and the Moon Cult of the Changes. These are powerful nobles, sages, diviners, war leaders and spirit-mediums. They are the venerable ones who connect with and will be Ancestors, founding people who protect others and from whom benefits flow. Great Being expresses the quality of the on-going process of the Real. It is the sign for an individual full of power and virtue, the power to become a fully realized person. Its symbol is a hand offering meat or flesh, a sacrifice that leads to the shared meal with humans and spirits. It is a hand holding the Moon, a Master of Change.

Summer (14): Ripen the fruits. Your motives are good. Gather your team around your central idea. Clear the channels of communication.
Fall: (50): Harvest the crop by a breakthrough that changes people’s awareness. You have found the perfect plan. Give it an enduring form.
Winter (32): Find the seed of the new by waiting on events. Don’t try to take control. The creative connection is there. Act slowly and persistently.
Spring (34): Rouse new growth by evaluating and learning from your past mistakes. Accept the hard work. Make a clean break from the past. Everything you want is waiting. Invigorate your great idea and push on.

Voice of the Fathers
This is a Realizing Figure, part of a Zone of Radical Transformation when the creative power of the Dragon releases Bright Omens to guide the people’s lives. It is an Approach to Centers of Power in the stage of the Symbolic Life when we confront the problems of individual identity, sexuality and personal destiny or mission.

The Situation: An enhancement of possibilities, choices and responsibilities; great abundance and the necessity to direct it for the good of all.

Caring for Others: This is a highly productive time when you can achieve a great deal. There are no blocks to progress. Rewards will be substantial if what you do benefits others. Be the guiding light. Expand the field of activity. Work with those who have great mental scope and friendly disposition. Understand motivation and be receptive to the needs of the environment.

Setting Intentions: Make bold long-term plans. People will respond to thoughtfulness and kindness. Understanding comes easily now. Do what you know is right. Your creative judgment is balanced. Do not waste time. Be guided by your insights and follow your hunches. Ideas will flow easily.

Communication and Interaction: Understanding comes easily. Feedback is maximum and cooperative. Do what you know is right. Express your ideals.

Change from the Inside Out: New initiatives are very auspicious. Be committed and you will succeed. Resources are available and people will rally round. There is an immense capacity for getting things done. Present your ideas in an unpretentious way and you can count on empathetic resonance. Negative actions of others will have no effect on the work.

  • Immediate Future: share your great idea and expect positive results.
  • Personal Development: get rid of past pain to reveal your great purpose.
  • Working within the Family: help people find the purpose of their lives.
  • Expanding the Circle: expand activity. Make bold long-term plans.
  • Partnership: commit yourselves to what is important. Share it with others.

Pairing: Bringing Change to Life
Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization. You are in the Realizing phase of this Pair.

The transformative process of the Pair 13:14 Harmonizing People and Great Being develops the social connections that let your real strength and vision emerge.

Outer to Inner: The process shifts the Creator trigram from the outer world of 13 to the inner world of 14. This turns outer inspiration and intuitive power into inner perseverance.

Inner to Outer: This interiorisation shifts the Visionary trigram from the inner world of 13 to the outer world of 14, turning inner guidance into the ability to find real directions in life.

Transforming Lines

Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy. Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line.

Inner World

Step 1 Beginnings: This return of the spirit attracts a new fate.
Crosswise omens. Without harm.
Mingle with this spirit. This is not a mistake.
The hardship involved is also not a mistake.
This is a good omen for beginnings. There is nothing harmful in your desires. Accept the hard work. Make this radical change with grace and elegance. Overturn old ways of thought to clear the obstructions to communication. Be resolute and part from the past. You are connected to a creative force. (50 The Vessel)

Step 2 Inner Center: This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others.
Use a great chariot to carry this. Have a direction to go.
This is not a mistake.
Have a vehicle, an inspiring idea to carry your plans and desires. Great leaders are meeting now to mutualize their purpose for the good of all. You will soon have cause to rejoice. The bright new energy is rising all around you. Do not be afraid to act alone. You are coupled with a creative force. (30 Radiance/Visionary)

Step 3 Threshold: This inner re-balancing lets you make your way in life.
A prince makes this sacrifice to the Son of Heaven.
Small People cannot use or control it.
Concentrate all you have and offer it to the highest principles. Do not simply adapt. Depend on the harmony of your people. Nothing can attack or control you now. This will reverse what feels like an oppressive situation. Great affluence will flow from this group. Co-operate with the ongoing process of change. (38 Diverging)

Outer World

Step 4 Arrival: This inner preparation leads to what is greater.
Do not seek dominance!  This is not a mistake.
Do not try to dominate. Let your spirit shine through others now. Retreat and prepare a countermove. This may seem like a disaster, but if you move with it rather than staying in the same place you can eliminate an old problem. Let yourself be led and you can realize the hidden potential. Co-operate with the ongoing process of change. (26 Great Accumulates)

Step 5 Outer Center: This inner re-grouping lets your real purpose shine.
You have a connection to the spirits that carries through to others.
An awesome presence! Simply mingle and you will impress them.
Wise Words! The Way is open.
Be versatile and do not prepare things. Act with complete confidence. Think of your real ideals and let any distress you may feel return you to your real purpose. Creative energy is emerging now, connecting the above and the below. Have no fear. Use it freely. You are connected to a creative force. (1 Inspiring Force/Creator)

Step 6 Culmination: This inner stripping leads to a breakthrough.
Heaven shields its birth. Wise Words! The Way is open.
Nothing not advantageous. Harvesting.
Heaven protects your endeavor. This will benefit everything. Though your advance is temporarily entangled, have no fear. Going through the hardship opens the way to real blessing. Be resolute and part from the past. You are connected to a creative force. (34 Great Invigorating)