35 Flourishing JIN


Flourishing. A Rising Sun. Joy and delight to the Noble Lord.
You receive gifts of horses that multiply in multitudes.
In one day you are received three times.

Use your deep power to brighten your work and your purpose. Don’t just wait for the right moment. Act now. Beware of personal greed and selfish aims. Develop new creative ideas without immediate regard for gain.

The Image
The old character shows two arrows put into containers like a phallus into a vulva which are offered to the Sun.

Circle of Meanings
Emerge into the light, take effective action, advance, be recognized, be received in audience and promoted; increase, progress, grow and flourish; great gifts of strength and spirit, permeate, impregnate;  dawn of a new day. Inner devotion now leads to finding real directions in life. Use the strength of the origins to brighten your power and virtue. Heart Theme: 39 the Difficulties that prepare deliverance.  

Spirit Helpers
Fire over Earth. Middle Daughter and Mother, the Visionary and the Midwife, are creating brightness that emerges and is recognized. This is a time when you will emerge into the full light of day and be recognized. Be calm in your strength and poise. Give gifts of strength and spirit to enhance those connected with you. Delight in things. You will be received by the higher powers three times in a single day. Be calm in your strength and poise. Help things emerge into the light. Your strength has carried you forward and you must continue to exert yourself and further the development of all. Use the light given you to brighten the use of the Way.

Voice of the Mothers
Advance, emerge and be recognized. Let your light shine and spread the gifts you receive to others. Inner devotion now leads to finding real directions in life. This is a time of strange encounters that bring a new sense of how your fate is working (44). Do not focus on trying to enlighten others (30).

The root of jin, flourishing, is the spirit that protects and animates the sun. At the rising of the sun, everything on earth is pushed into sprouting. Suns and kings or powerful figures are synonymous. The rising sun in this figure is a powerful noble recognized at the center of power, the Royal Court, who spreads the benefits he receives to his people. Literally, he is Kang Shu, younger brother of King Wu who was recognized in the new royal court established after the battle of Muye and the overthrow of the Shang tyrant. He is the Calm Prince, a recognized War Leader who turns to peace, emblem of the good feudal lord and his flourishing signifies a return of peace and prosperity after the War of the Mandate. The term also suggests the old myths behind his rise, the Sun Tree and the suns or jun-ravens who fly across each day to rest in the Moon Tree and, bathed by their mother Xihe, return on the underworld river. These re-born suns were seen as the Royal Ancestors who recognized their descendents and spread their bright blessings through the bin-sacrifice of “hosting the spirits.”

Fall (35): Harvest the crop by applying your talents.  Strip away your negativity and take action. You can influence people if you master your words. Hidden forces are working in your favor.
Winter (16): Find the seed of the new. Don’t call out for help. Lead by example. Be generous and you can inspire the creative energy.
Spring: (51): Rouse new growth by staying calm when others are confused. Be brave and independent. Watch who you let in. There is a real source of energy and profit here. Re-imagine the whole situation.
Summer (21): Ripen the fruits by biting through the obstacles. Change your perspective. Your worth will soon be recognized.

Voice of the Fathers
This is an Inspiring Figure, an experience of the Centers of Power in the stage of the Symbolic Life when we struggle to found an individual dwelling, family and career.

The Situation: Purposeful, unopposed and fruitful growth; a time to realize stimulating ideas based on more than personal gain.

Caring for Others: Your ideas are central to the further development of your family. Develop them creatively and clearly. Communicate. Do not worry about immediate understanding or response. Take the widest possible view. Be positive and confident. Success is assured.

Setting Intentions: Make big plans. Be clear and confident. Connect ideas to a larger scheme or perspective. Your creative judgment is excellent. You can rely on your intuition as long as you are not ruled by personal gain.

Communication and Interaction: Communicate clearly and directly. Take no note of negative feedback. Be patient. Cooperation is assured. Be generous.

Change from the Inside Out: The situations is auspicious. Seek support. Growth comes through development of your central ideas. Use new and bright images. This is an excellent atmosphere for new, large scale agreements.

  • Immediate Future: a time of flourishing and recognition.
  • Personal Development: let your great spirit emerge and be seen.
  • Working within the Family: recognize individual potential.
  • Expanding the Circle: develop new creative possibilities.
  • Partnership: come together with confidence. Your relation will flourish.

Pairing: Bringing Change to Life
Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates the hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization. You are in the Inspiring phase of this Pair.

The transformative process of the Pair 35:36 Flourishing and Hiding Brightness develops the generosity to spread what you acquire and the strength to accept hardship.

Outer to Inner: the process shifts the Visionary trigram from the outer world of 35 to the inner world of 36. This turns your outer sense of direction into inner guidance.

Inner to Outer: This interiorisation shifts the Midwife trigram from the inner world of 35 to the outer world of 36. This turns your inner devotion into a deep faith in the overall processes of life.

Transforming Lines

Mothering Change presents Transforming Lines as Steps of Change that show you where and how to focus your energy. Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line.

Inner World

Step 1 Beginnings: This return of the spirit attracts a new fate.
Flourishing, advancing with brandished weapons.
Wise Words! Trial: The Way is open.
There is a net of relations that connect to the spirits.
You will be enriched. This is not a mistake.
Trying to control the situation prematurely, you have been locked up and cannot move. Do not fear. You are connected to others through a net of spiritual relations. Be simple and pure. This situation will enrich you in the end. These goings and comings will release the energy now bound up in the past. Gather your forces for a decisive new move. (21 Biting Through) 

Step 2 Inner Center: This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others.
Flourishing, then apprehensive. Wise Words! Trial: The Way is open.
Accept this fine armor and the blessing of the Queen Mother.
You feel anxious and sorrowful. Do not fear. Take on this arduous task and receive the blessing of the feminine powers. Let yourself be lured into action. Your sincerity and dedication are what count.  The situation seems difficult, but you will survive. This will bring profit and insight in the end. Gather energy for a decisive new move.(64 Not Yet Crossing) 

Step 3 Threshold: This inner re-balancing lets you make your way in life.
The crowds are loyal and sincere. The cause for sorrow disappears.
Everything is in order. People have confidence in you. Give of yourself unstintingly. Your sorrows will vanish. If you confront the past now, you will see the hidden force moving these events. Go right to the heart of the situation and reclaim your lost intelligence. Do not be afraid to act alone. You are connected to a creative force. (56 Sojourning) 

Outer World

Step 4 Arrival: This inner preparation leads to what is greater.
Advancing like a bushy-tailed mouse.
Trial: Adversity, the hungry souls and angry ghosts.
Though you have the strength to advance you are being timid and furtive. Greedy people and bad memories attack you. Pull back from the crisis. Do not get caught in negative emotions. You will find the central illusion that is causing this chaos. It will act slowly but it will release you from what afflicts you. Strip away old ideas. Be open and provide what is needed. (23 Stripping) 

Step 5 Outer Center: This inner re-grouping lets your real purpose shine.
The cause for sorrow disappears. Letting go or acquiring, have no cares.
Go on, the Way is open. There is nothing that is not advantageous.
Let your sun shine on all. All your sorrows will vanish.  Simply give yourself to the work. Everything will benefit from this endeavor. Imagine you are in a quiet rural retreat. Attach your problems to this deep and quiet source. Mobilize your spirit. This hardship at the beginning is not a mistake. You will share the blessing. Proceed step by step. Gather energy for a decisive new move. (12 Obstruction) 

Step 6 Culmination: This inner stripping leads to a breakthrough.
Flourishing with lowered horns.
Adversity, the hungry souls and angry ghosts.
Hold fast and attack the capital.  Wise Words! The Way is open.
Trial for distress: This is not a mistake.
You can control this situation through direct action but you must first confront the negative images you have of things. You are escaping from an impossible situation. You can influence people if you master your words. Work on in the dark to provide for the future. An unconscious force is biting through to help you. These comings and goings will release energy now bound up in the past. Gather your forces for the decisive new move. (16 Providing For)